accountable là gì

Unlike legislative bodies, courts are not directly accountable lớn voters, and at least in theory, they are not influenced by public opinion.

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In settings where responsibility for policy making is most clear, incumbent politicians are held accountable for macroeconomic performances.

Without such connection, we are not responsible, that is, we are not prima facie accountable for the outcome. 33.

The blood banks are legally accountable for blood safety.

Nor have these changes made the executive branch any more accountable lớn the popularly elected legislature than vãn it was before.

Within the existing international political system, each national government is accountable lớn its own people.

Finally, the outcomes of the organization's and ethics office's activities are also accountable.

In such cases, interviewers can and bởi treat interviewees' lesser displays of knowledge as accountable matters.

The mean percentage of glucose uptake accountable for by lactate production in the presence of ouabain was 92%.

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Algerian producers were held strictly accountable lớn the customs union.

Higher rates of self-motivated political participation in turn make elections better mechanisms for holding government officials accountable, and higher-quality democracy results.

Finally, agency officials are not directly accountable lớn constituencies, since they are appointed.

Judgment should be withheld, not because patients are never accountable, but because clinicians and other healthcare providers are supposed lớn be partners, not critics.

Even where reforms succeeded in reorganizing state administration along more accountable lines, factionalism and patronage politics undercut executive authority.

In other words, before making state institutions accountable, it is necessary lớn restore state sovereignty.

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