addicted là gì

Virtually nothing attempted thus far has encouraged addicted persons vĩ đại reform their ways during pregnancy.

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Patients may fear becoming addicted vĩ đại pain medication.

Philosophy, at least, was henceforth addicted vĩ đại this criticism and it cannot protect itself from it without forfeiting its own nature.

It is generally seen in patients who are amotivated and problematic but not frankly addicted.

It invades the bodies of the drug addicted, whose will vĩ đại resist has already been captured by their habit.

While working with addicted individuals, however, it should be noted that substantial logistical difficulties can occur in this context.

The methadone researchers also saw the addict as being both physically and mentally addicted vĩ đại the drug.

He complained that the younger brother had become addicted vĩ đại gambling.

So someone addicted vĩ đại truffles and caviar could not demand compensation if she characterized the possession of this desire as being something desirable in itself.

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People who are addicted vĩ đại passive sentences seem vĩ đại get particularly upset.

Addicted denial is at its most pernicious when the denying addict refuses vĩ đại see the obvious truth about herself: that she is an addict.

What has not been examined by previous research is the effects, on offspring of addicted women, of specific personality disorders, particularly when combined with depression.

Some social formations accommodate the under-socialised, economically unproductive, mentally ill, addicted or traumatised; others abandon or incarcerate these unfortunate people.

Almost half had been in residential or foster care and over a quarter reported having parents who were addicted vĩ đại alcohol or drugs.

This undermined clientelistic city-councillors and traditional community leaders ' addicted' vĩ đại favours and privileges.

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