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With a few exceptions, returns lớn households from wildlife are generally less than thở $30.00 per annum.

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These fortunate circumstances meant that the company could pay its shareholders their capital back and even distribute a per annum dividend of 2 per cent.

It finds that at current levels, charges are likely lớn reduce returns on individual trương mục balances by around 1 % per annum on average.

Most important was the local nature of the mortgage market in which ' custom ' prevented interest rates from floating above six per cent per annum.

Purchase costs distributed over estimated working life and discounted at 5% per annum.

The annual death toll went in both towns from less than thở 5,000 burials per annum around 1600 lớn around đôi mươi,000 in the 1670s.

In the past 25 years real per capita income growth has averaged 5.4 per cent per annum.

These saved time by simultaneously testing varieties on farmers' fields and on the research station thus increasing the effective genetic gain per annum.

Short-term internal rates are likely therefore lớn be 5 lớn 6 per cent per annum and long-term rates about 6 per cent.

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Current capacity is what the firm could produce per annum.

This would imply a rate of deforestation of the order of 0.7 per cent per annum.

The overall increase in world population (currently 1.7% per annum) is partly lớn blame, especially in the third world.

A ceiling of 7500 per annum was imposed on the issue of vouchers in 1965.

The mean growth rate is estimated lớn be 0.008 per quarter (or, 3.2 percent per annum).

Some patients, approximately 5-10% per annum, will fail lớn respond having previously done sánh - the so-called secondary failures.

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