apparently là gì

Apparently a freethinker, she seems uninterested in religion as a whole.

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One military death occurred, apparently from accidental friendly fire.

The clearstory, with its three windows on each side, was apparently added about 1400 when the south wall was built.

The teeth have dorsally projecting denticles, and are apparently used for fighting.

The toxin is apparently fat-soluble as potatoes fried in quail fat have proved poisonous.

The novel's apparent lightness contrasts with the fundamental issues dealt with: hidden and present past, remembering and forgetting.

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This effect speeds up the apparent release of energy.

As he tries in desperation to tướng stop the siêu xe, it becomes apparent that he is bound and gagged.

The apparent mass of radiation depends on the temperature (because every heated toàn thân emits radiation) and is proportional to tướng its energy.

While the granulated sucralose provides apparent volume-for-volume sweetness, the texture in baked products may be noticeably different.

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