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The face value of the coins totaled $27,980, but was assessed đồ sộ be worth $10 million.

Neurologic examination should assess cognitive and mental abilities, cranial nerve function, motor function, deep tendon reflexes, sensory function, coordination, and gait (if appropriate).

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In the home page environment, occupational therapists may work with the client đồ sộ assess for hazards and đồ sộ identify environmental factors that contribute đồ sộ falls.

Following the over of the eruption, scientists began đồ sộ assess the feasibility of extracting geothermal heat from the gradually cooling flows.

The modulation depth "m" is a convenient experimental parameter when assessing the total harmonic distortion in the demodulated signal.

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As part of this gigantic effort, data sets will be improved, which are also needed for real time loss assessments.

This is the subject of study in the field of formative feedback or formative assessment.

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It has also been proposed that postural and spinal assessment along with ergonomic assessments should be included in the overall determination of the condition.

He developed the use of twin studies in the assessment of the relative roles of heredity and the environment in the pathogenesis of psychiatric disease.

Sometimes the assessment in hides is given both for the whole manor and for the demesne land (i.e.the lord's own demesne) included in it.