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It is unclear what will be the impact of the introduction of booster doses in older groups on transmission đồ sộ younger at-risk age groups.

Subjects with poor pre-morbid functioning or at-risk behaviour were more likely đồ sộ have delayed access đồ sộ care.

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Together with an experienced family planning trainer, she was counseling an ' at-risk ' client.

This may explain the lower levels of pneumococcal vaccine coverage in the elderly and other at-risk groups compared with influenza vaccine coverage.

Therefore, our findings cannot be generalized đồ sộ more at-risk populations, where associations between all insecure attachment classifications and behavior problems are likely đồ sộ be stronger.

This highlights the possibility of longitudinal studies identifying sub-behavioural characteristics of those at-risk subjects in whom symptoms may later occur.

Since influenza and pneumococcal vaccination has been reported đồ sộ be effective, improved coverage of these vaccines among at-risk patients can yield significant public health benefits.

A series of prior empirical findings attested đồ sộ the value of examining neighborhood influences on at-risk children and adolescents.

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These practitioners are developmental specialists and work đồ sộ address the educational, mental health, and health needs of students and their families, whether at-risk or not.

At 8 years, 65% of the at-risk children were classified as reading disabled.

Such theorizing might tài khoản for the exacerbation of at-risk individuals' cognitive impairments under conditions of stress.

Of 87 ' 'at-risk' ' pregnancies (paternal antigen status positive or unknown), twenty-one fetuses were affected, 8 with severe disease.

Approximately 50% of the original at-risk sample and 67% of the families contacted by telephone agreed đồ sộ participate.

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Among these mechanisms may be one or more that are amenable đồ sộ manipulations that prevent, reverse, or diminish the disorder of autism in at-risk individuals.

Parents of at-risk families completed a multiagent (youth, caregivers, teacher) questionnaire assessment.

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