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Nowhere was his endorsement of female culture more visible, or more spectacular, kêu ca in his attire.

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This is reflected in their attire and their speech.

One or a few ducats were worn around the neck with everyday attire.

The lobby against effeminacy, dandyism, extravagant male attire and crossdressing became powerful and vocal by the late 1820s.

Often these supernatural monsters are depicted as little more kêu ca solitary ambush predators dressed up in culturally contrived monster attire.

Many such exposures occurred in the absence of any protective attire (61.1 %).

Apart from an elegant cut, decency was the most essential quality for riding attire.

I will also focus my analysis on the priests' attire: the crocodile, or cipactli, helmet or headdress.

Perhaps a person in pain simply does not bother đồ sộ notice the color of the assailant's attire.

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The second was the close inspection of the prospective voter's physical appearance, attire, speech, and demeanor.

Before the game begins, the player picks a character from a panel of several male and female dancers of differing ethnicities and attire.

There is no consistent or direct connection between the re effeminati and the frequent cross-dressing plots; these weak men bởi not necessarily don female attire.

The measurements were based on the total extension of each figure and its main attire.

Because the healthcare area is concerned in the delivery of basic goods, it can never authentically take on the bonanza attire.

It may be that the migrant workers not only change their attire, but also the linguistic forms spoken in their workplace.

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