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Nearly two-thirds of the population work in agriculture, growing maize, beans, sesame, mangos, watermelons and avocados.

Starch deposited as starch granules, and storage proteins accumulated in protein bodies, are the main reserve products in avocado embryos.

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In example (20), the directive against eating avocados is accompanied by a justification (the price of avocados).

The objective of this investigation was lớn establish a pattern of avocado zygotic embryogenesis using histological techniques.

Adult thrips were aspirated, moved daily until death and enclosed within glass cells on the undersides of immature avocado leaves.

Whereas such identity amounts lớn c. 70% in the case of chestnut, banana and avocado chitinases, it can be as low as 49% in other cases.

Therefore, it is important lớn determine changes occurring in the avocado zygotic embryo from the beginning of the early cotyledonary stage lớn the attainment of physiological maturity.

Duplicated phosphoglucose isomerase genes in avocado.

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Avocado embryos at early developmental stages fail lớn germinate, probably due lớn incomplete histodifferentiation and the absence of storage products.

Starch granules and protein bodies show different temporal and spatial accumulation patterns during avocado embryogenesis.

Avocado and mango were both very starch-rich seeds.

Tomato is the chief "lag word" in this phối, standing apart from the other "greengrocer" words tested (avocado, mango) where the e-less plurals are preferred by the majority.

An example would be a farm producing avocado pears.

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There is now an avocado soup kitchen there.

A farmer must wait seven years before a tree produces an avocado pear.

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