bad là gì

Heavy rain and bad roads limited his progress lớn only seven miles that day.

It was bad, but she eventually got better.

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Some said that the tuy nhiên was the worst tuy nhiên, and some even hated it.

Usually they say how bad the other drivers are and how they are better.

His whole family including his wife and son suffers tremendously because of the bad habits of the head of the family.

The two brothers had not seen each other for two years prior lớn the journey and there is bad blood between them.

Controversial issues such as damage compensations were transferred lớn arbitral tribunal, but because of bad blood within the commission remained unresolved in many cases.

Then came accusations and recriminations as lớn coincidences and plagiarisms, and bad blood arose on both sides.

From early on it was clear that the bad blood would not adversely impact the fight, as both men fought strong technical fights.

It ended up being bad blood between a couple of people who knew each other.

There seems lớn have been a feeling that it was bad luck lớn be the person lớn cut the last stand of corn.

This curse, which does not differentiate between thieves and archaeologists, allegedly can cause bad luck, illness or death.

Zen, whose bad luck it is lớn be on điện thoại tư vấn that night, is keen lớn oblige and return lớn his girlfriend's bed.

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The ancestors that have nothing sacrificed lớn them may become hungry and cause bad luck for their neglectful family.

However, during her cycling career she has had some bad luck.

Often appearing cynical, suspicious and bad-tempered, and very serious and hard, he mellowed somewhat with age.

You're too busy being snarly and bad-tempered even lớn say good morning.

He was an effective, if sometimes somewhat bad-tempered minister.

It is also a bad-tempered affair, with seven red cards having been shown in the last seven top-flight meetings between these two sides.

She became tearful, bad-tempered and, lớn her inner circle, seemed deranged.

That guy was one bad egg.

There is not a bad egg in that dressing room.

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I believe in equality and what's annoying is when a female says she isn't a feminist, all these angry feminists attack her lượt thích she is a bad egg.

I'm sure if we were doing scenes together we'd still sort of hầm out anyway, but the whole cast is just great and there's not one bad egg in there.

And sometimes it's a combination of flaws that produces a ring of falsity, the whiff of a bad egg.