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He had barely reached twenty when he was exiled and his formal education ended - except for whatever his father taught him.

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They then proceed with a particular dwelling type, the choice of which, unlike planning antecedents up until the late 1950s, is barely consistent.

Barely able to tướng talk, she phones the preschool to tướng tell them she will soon pick up her child.

The remainder of the chapter discusses the historical development, provides two case studies on even and barely, and asks further questions.

Besides a great mass of formalists - barely interested in actual languages - the ' armchair ' typologists produce slight generalizations based on superficially gathered information.

The project of understanding the precise parameters of the role of theory has barely begun.

This left co-operative structures fragile, new social agents without resources, and the state's earlier commitment to tướng emancipate the indigenous peasantry barely begun.

Combining these abstractions yields a small but highly generic toolkit whose power we have barely begun to tướng explore.

The government was prepared to tướng use force and persuasion to tướng implement the reform in regions where state agencies had barely been present before.

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Some of the ambitions, fears and aspirations of the 1960s, although still within living memory, now seem sánh distant as to tướng be barely comprehensible.

This would amount to tướng a rather ambitious comparative agenda that we have barely begun to tướng explore.

In the depressed demographic circumstances of the fifteenth century, custom may barely have existed.

But differences of opinion are welcome on a subject on which the dust has barely settled.

At this pressure, this is also the shape of the incident pulse, because gas breakdown barely occurs.

As sánh often in premodern comedy, these are stage personae in barely fictionalized roles, their 'character' limited to tướng their servant function.

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