barn là gì

The house was extensively renovated in 1932, at which time a garage, barn, guest house, and tenant house, were erected.

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Several old barns survive from an earlier time.

While the hedge school label suggests the classes always took place outdoors (next to lớn a hedgerow), classes were sometimes held in a house or barn.

The barn, creamery, and herdsman's cottage are still standing today and are part of the museum complex.

He: will gather his wheat into the: barn, but the chaff he will: burn up with unquenchable fire.

They take má to lớn one of the barn owl homes.

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It is known for its high level of barn owls and is frequently visited by barn owl enthusiasts in tìm kiếm of their favourite birds.

Have you seen a barn owl fly, but not heard it coming?

A dead barn owl was later found on the beach plastered with lard.

Since many patients would not know what the systolic and diastolic readings signified, they would blink lượt thích a barn owl, even if they were told.

One of the viewer favorites, the barn-owl webcam, this year delivered only a brief, painful lesson.

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