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Changes beneath the aggregate level of social welfare expenditures appear more nuanced phàn nàn the earlier model had indicated.

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The external surface including the fins, nostrils, beneath the operculum and under the scales was examined for ectoparasites.

They are not the 'real' driving forces of power hidden beneath the surface of discourse.

Indeed, it was misleading, a joke, beneath serious criticism, and it got none.

Photosynthesis could have continued beneath this bare ice if it was thin and clear.

In that debate one can discern common ground beneath the conflicting viewpoints.

The positioning of the muscle cell bodies beneath the longitudinal muscle layer and their connections with the muscle layers have also been determined.

Except immediately beneath the epidermal scales, ribosomes are not generally found within the outer epidermis.

The epidermal nuclei are situated beneath the basement lamina and subepidermal musculature.

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Morphological changes include the coalescence of lipid droplets and the appearance of a hyaline layer beneath the cuticle.

By this means it was possible lớn introduce beneath the filter paper wide-mouthed bottles containing the various odoriferous substances.

The epidermal matrix 'within' the scale is characterized by the presence of a number of large mitochondria which lie immediately beneath the scale.

The result is lớn create an impression of forces at work and on the move - beneath the explicit musical gestures of the characters.

The interaction beam was incident on a plastic target whose thickness could be varied beneath which a layer of deuterated plastic was placed.

Exploring the language teacher's mind - helping student teachers see beneath the surface.

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