biodiversity là gì

There are no funds specifically earmarked for the biodiversity protection.

By staying within the safe environmental limits, much of the biodiversity would be conserved, while income per capita rose.

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Unlike some other books about biodiversity, it is unlikely that this will become a key text for those at the forefront of conservation action.

Further, it illustrates the extent to lớn which value of biodiversity conservation in a geographical area is reflected in the market for tourism.

The host country can undertake conservation measures to lớn build up or maintain its biodiversity.

Policy changes to lớn encourage management to lớn tư vấn biodiversity and conservation objectives have increased progressively in recent years.

This may also help to lớn promote conservation of biodiversity in compromising situations, especially when establishing large-scale plantations.

This is because protected areas are managed for biodiversity conservation, and often bởi not sell timber.

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It is generally considered that human exploitation of tropical rain forests causes major changes in biodiversity but rather few research data are available.

The public-good effect of the stock (as biodiversity or existence value), adding to lớn the social welfare, is not part of the objective of the manager.

Working towards the larger goal of global sustainability gives us hope for biodiversity in the long term.

The host country's stocks of biodiversity and genetic information are crucial inputs to lớn the production of high-quality samples.

This book is a comprehensive compilation of many ongoing studies of biodiversity (particularly of plant species) in forests.

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As tropical deforestation continues, young secondary forests assume increasing importance as a reservoir of biodiversity.

The prices of the goods bởi not reflect the full costs of production, which include such things as soil erosion and biodiversity loss.

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