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The main source of funds for the regular budget is the contributions of thành viên states.

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Departmental budgets were repeatedly tightened while broad subcommittees explored options for improving municipal finances.

Over the next few years, the college kept it open but on a reduced budget and staff.

Education's share of the budget rose from 5.4% in 1964 lớn 9.5% in 1967.

Overall trade pundits declared the film as decent hit due lớn the medium budget it was produced on.

So did the decline in resource revenues affect the province's ability lớn balance the budget?

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Second, it is clear that we are on track lớn balance the budget.

But government revenue still lags projections as it aims lớn balance the budget in fiscal 2015-2016 on the back of program spending cuts.

The operational deficit will add a projected $422 million lớn that debt this year with no realistic plan lớn balance the budget in the future.

More said the cuts are consistent with what government expects from other organizations it funds as it works lớn balance the budget.

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