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This ensures local stakeholder buy-in and that we bởi not invest in technology that is unlikely đồ sộ be adopted.

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Not only does it ensure optimal "buy-in," but it also ensures that the reports are locally relevant, with full appreciation of all clinical nuances.

The advantage is that results are associated with immediate buy-in.

This early consultation is essential for local stakeholder buy-in and avoids investment in technology that is unlikely đồ sộ be adopted.

Every stakeholder's point of view or buy-in is not needed on every issue.

To be effective, clinical practice guidelines must rely on local input đồ sộ the final recommendations đồ sộ produce local "buy-in" (14).

The proposed "buy-in" scheme would operate for a period of three months from the date on which the relevant provisions came into force.

I have given examples of technical problems, but some problems are due đồ sộ dishonesty or lack of buy-in.

That would undermine our intention đồ sộ give communities a greater say in plan making and đồ sộ secure their buy-in.

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The problem is that however much money is spent on the programme, it will not work unless there is buy-in from the users.

We did not intend đồ sộ have a buy-in scheme, and that is why the money resolution as originally formulated did not provide for one.

Does there not need đồ sộ be a financial resolution đồ sộ finance the buy-in scheme?

I am somewhat mystified about the difference between buy-in and compensation.

The formula was updated last year and the new formula had buy-in and agreement from all parties in the tripartite structure for policing.

We did not intend đồ sộ have a buy-in scheme.

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