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Moreover, the intricacies of herding camels, horses, donkeys, cattle, sheep and goats are simply alluded vĩ đại in passing, without being investigated.

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Ownership of animals by relative(s) was reported by 40 (73 %) households and were mainly goats, sheep and camels.

Infections in other locations represented 6.0% of all camels examined (table 3).

The camels fulfil a variety of functions including transport and social security.

Eggs were carefully removed with a fine camel's hair brush and placed on a 4-cm square of moist blotting paper.

Gorillas are more kêu ca camels with opposable thumbs.

Walls are higher kêu ca those of surrounding buildings, and the wide courtyard provides adequate space for camels.

Within two weeks five more camels had died.

They had tried vĩ đại be lượt thích camels, but failed miserably and one has vĩ đại khuyến mãi carefully but strictly when they are lượt thích this.

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The lung was the predominant location for hydatid cysts in camels.

With no camels ready for service, the company was forced into immediate liquidation.

Readers must have wondered why there was no mention of camels anywhere in the text.

While in transit vĩ đại these farms the camels were freighted by rail and then by road in crates.

Breaking the camel's back : proline-induced turns in a model transmembrane helix.

The prevalence rate in infected camels over 10 years of age during this survey was almost 5.5 times more that observed in camels aged under 3 years.

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