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Some observers believe that this estoppel dissuades potential requesters from use of reexamination, forcing them into federal court.

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He was dissuaded, once more, by the party's $25,000 leadership nomination fee.

Most nations have overtime labor laws designed to tướng dissuade or prevent employers from forcing their employees to tướng work excessively long hours.

Individuals stridulate to tướng dissuade other hydropsychids from attempts to tướng steal their retreats.

The church at first supported his research efforts, then tried to tướng dissuade him from continuing with it.

A side balcony of wooden banisters adorned the upstairs on the west side of the house.

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By the kết thúc of the 18th century, cast iron was increasing used for railings, balconies, banisters and garden furniture due to tướng its lower cost.

Banister was known for his kindness to tướng the poor, especially to tướng old soldiers, and for his extensive professional reading.

On the outside, it is decorated with balconies, banisters, and upturned eaves.

He fell, knocked over a planter, and struck his head on a banister, fracturing his skull.

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