cancellation là gì

The cancellation of the slow signals helps vĩ đại explain why the sluggish spectrally opponent signals are relatively small under most conditions.

The torso motion stability proof for this method relies on an accurate dynamic model and cancellation of the nonlinear terms.

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We have seen many examples of this cancellation in earlier sections, and it is key vĩ đại our claims.

However, it seems unlikely that cancellation would occur at all depths in the intraretinal recordings because these responses would have different generators.

Trying vĩ đại identify truyền thông media influences gives rise vĩ đại the methodological problem of mutual cancellation.

A policy of lease cancellation threat reduces the value of waiting and can hasten planting.

Therefore, contrary vĩ đại existing approaches, the control design need not focus on cancellation of this interaction.

But overrun wasn't usually translated into either "losses" or cancellations.

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It turns out that in the case d 3 strong convergence is due vĩ đại the cancellation of positive and negative terms in certain matrix products.

The fact that a memo has been circulated may make the information about the cancellation manifest vĩ đại all the individuals concerned vĩ đại varying degrees.

This scheme assumes exact cancellation of the manipulator dynamics by the nonlinear controller.

One role is the gyroviscous cancellation which suppresses the violation of frozen-in condition due vĩ đại the inertia term.

Production, concentration, cancellation and diffusion of vorticity are essential features of bluff-body flow.

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Short-term effects, such as scandals, economic performance, or the popularity of a particular political figure may also lead vĩ đại distortions that hinder effective cancellation.

However, there can be (arbitrary) cancellation in the off-diagonal entries.

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