car nghĩa là gì

There were no more stops, and the car was returned vĩ đại its starting-point as speedily as possible.

In this report, though, we vì thế not seem vĩ đại attribute a specific way of referring vĩ đại the relevant car with that car.

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The chart consisted of five stimuli repeated eight times, which were line drawings of a tree, a chair, a bird, a pear, and a car.

Typically, the widowers who had a relationship were under the age of 75, were car drivers and enjoyed good or very good health.

Motoring and car maintenance was another hobby enjoyed by twelve haemophiliacs and a few mentioned fishing, bowls and golf.

One factor behind this change has been a dramatic increase in car ownership.

It is commonly believed that vĩ đại become economically successful is vĩ đại have dealings with cars.

The introduction of catalytic converters has reduced the toxicity of car exhausts.

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People and cars milled about us, while posters, caravans, tents, and stalls were crammed in everywhere.

The right side is obscured by the matrix, which is reinforced by a material resembling car body toàn thân filler.

Furthermore, people creatively look for sources vĩ đại charge their phone batteries, for example through solar panels or car batteries.

My father's car had mudguards, as did all cars until the guards became fused with the body toàn thân as its wings.

I hesitate and shortly afterwards my car is burned.

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For instance, the arrival of car-carrying ships is erratic and difficult vĩ đại predict.

She visits him twice a week, using taxis or friends' cars as she doesn't drive.

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