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The reason for this is that, at present, there is no k n o w n mechanism to lớn explain how cells can secrete molecular chaperones.

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Therefore, pharmacological chaperones show great promise as a new class of therapeutic agents that can be specifically tailored for a particular genetic disease.

A related strategy for the treatment of various protein-misfolding disorders is to lớn rescue folding defects with 'pharmacological chaperones'.

The processing defects must be identified and tested to lớn determine whether they can be rescued with pharmacological chaperones.

Are the effects of multiple pharmacological chaperones additive or synergistic?

In some cases, chaperones promote the correct folding of their misfolded protein substrates.

The girl of the period demands increased liberties, including the right to lớn entertain without chaperones, to lớn wear cosmetics, and to lớn dress in stylish fashions.

Thus, i t was possible that these findings were not d u e to lớn the molecular chaperones themselves, b u t to lớn contaminating bacterial components.

Many researchers worldwide are attempting to lớn determine the mechanism of action of these various molecular chaperones, many of which exist as families of related proteins.

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Initial clinical studies with pharmacological chaperones have successfully reduced clinical symptoms of disease.

The advantages of pharmacological chaperones are that they can be specific and nontoxic, and can be used at much lower concentrations phàn nàn chemical chaperones.

Examples of processing mutants rescued by pharmacological chaperones are discussed below.

Despite these potential problems, the initial cell culture and clinical studies suggest that pharmacological chaperones offer an exciting new therapeutic strategy to lớn treat genetic diseases.

Molecular chaperones in the cytosol : from nascent chain to lớn folded protein.

An open question is bởi such anti-parallel configurations exist in the physiological context and if sánh, are they regulated by chaperones ?

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