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The teachers, as working women who were active in civic affairs, served as role models to lớn the pupils.

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There are two main justifications for this particular civic patriotic concern.

We vì thế not aim to lớn test all aspects of social capital and civic reorganization arguments about civic change in the late-twentieth century.

A quarter are involved in a civic group (most commonly a residents' association, political buổi tiệc nhỏ or voluntary organisation).

It is in fact in precisely this negotiation between private individual and civic pattern that the character of the đô thị at any time emerges.

The underlying point is not simply that any effort to lớn reduce economic inequality or eliminate perceived injustices must respect people's basic moral and civic rights.

Our findings are consistent with the theory that direct participatory models of democracy may encourage a greater sense of efficacy, and possibly, civic engagement.

He also provides useful observations on the activities of civic authorities in, for example, enacting relevant legislation.

The use of roof drains in elite and civic-ceremonial architecture was ubiquitous, as they have been found all over the site.

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We need to lớn ask, then, how far this civic discourse translated into action once candidates were elected.

The existence of a legalized (but responsible) labour movement and active civic groups would further the latter condition.

In this respect, civic patriotism takes the existing imbrication of politics and culture seriously and urges a considerable 'thinning out' of national cultures.

Existing ethnic and civic practices should be scrutinized, and only those which secure the reasoned acceptance of all those affected by it should be upheld.

As the reorganization perspective argues, elites led the way in abruptly changing the types (not just numbers) of civic groups with which they affiliated.

Such elaborate ceremonies were not restricted to lớn the highest civic luminaries alone.

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