clash là gì

The policies pursued by one colony's merchants sometimes clashed with the interests of another.

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Thus, street encounters and violent clashes are rejected in preference of mutual public criticism in meetings and conferences such as kgotla.

By dragging vigilante groups into their conflicts, local big men provoke more and more clashes between them.

However, rather than vãn contain clashes, these actions ignited more conflagrations.

Ethnic clashes are always the result of outside, usually political, interests converting porous ethnic boundaries into over-determined enclaves or ghettos vĩ đại suit their own agenda.

Many of these clashes involve large numbers of young men, who are mobilised along lines of shared origin, residence or religious identity.

The government finds itself in a difficult position with regard vĩ đại the clashing demands of modernization and deser tization.

If a norm clashes with a primary norm, it is not reproduced.

More attention vĩ đại primary sources and specific discussions of clashing interpretations would be helpful.

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In this context it is no surprise vĩ đại ®nd socialist politicians and local councillors clashing, sometimes bitterly, with bourgeois social reformers.

Given the specific junctures and depending on issue areas such as economic, foreign, and cultural policy, these factions have clashed or cooperated with one another.

Populist strategies for disseminating scientific values clashed with control by academically educated experts.

As the major parties developed away from interest, class, or confessional bases, a principal resource for verbal clashes declined.

Among the adverbial uses, the sườn worse makes up the bulk of the examples, and stress clashes are relatively rare.

To avoid name clashes when ^-extending partial applications in this naive sườn, the ^-extension unit routinely assigns in ascending order so-called ^-levels.

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