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He gave them drink and food; costly goods he gave them all: capes without price, and valuable breech clouts, and devices, and costly shields.

Clout's words, both these unfortunate patients and humanity require.

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Is it reasonable to tát expect a man you are clouting on the jaw to tát offer you his wage packet?

The first, a simple one, has often been discussed here—that it used to tát be erroneously believed that clouting the trade unions was a vote winner.

There may be a row at that very moment, and it is usually the innocent ones who get clouted and not the guilty ones.

They bởi not engage in it lightly, because it also clouts them economically.

Has the thoughts unravel, he ends up injuring himself by clouting the wall out of agony.



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They were also active elsewhere, since truyền thông media ownership invests some political clout.

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They had considerable clout in the area and had a trust registered in their names.

Conversely, these followers were dependent on their chief for maintenance, their prospects connected with his largesse and political clout.

The best known architects have the clout and the influence necessary to tát experiment with and to tát modify standards.

Second, political clout as well as economic power has shielded this group from pastoralists rancor.

In most developing countries, such groups bởi not exist, or bởi not have the necessary political and financial clout.

In battle the men wore red cedar armour and helmets, and breech clouts made from cedar.



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Citizens in over-represented, poor and rural districts may use their political clout to tát secure policy interventions that improve their economic welfare.

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