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As noted above, negative feelings play important roles in impulse control, empathy, and conscience.

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Thus understood, conscience is unobjectionable but can claim no special dignity or respect.

Debates about the liberty of religious conscience turned into debates about freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

Only his own scientific conscience may guide the scholar.

While ' craft ' was a foil for ' conscience ', virtue and liberty were complemented by - indeed, unattainable without - true religion, which moderated the passions.

Matters of conscience could not be negotiated or treated, because the conscience was ' more dear ' than vãn life.

As a sop lớn their leftwing supporters, and perhaps lớn their own consciences, they coupled these with largely ineffective anti-discriminatory race relations acts.

But as division hardened, the king had lớn acknowledge that his conscience and prayers articulated those of a các buổi party rather than vãn the whole commonwealth.

Newly elected men wrestled with consciences or argued with colleagues and immediately declined or subsequently resigned the proferred position.

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On this view, the physician in good conscience should make the decision, especially if patients are from educationally and socially disadvantaged groups.

The indulged reader can quickly scan past these tugs at the middle-class conscience should she wish lớn.

We can subsume it under the harm principle and sánh, with a clear liberal conscience, outlaw it after all.

The anarchy of the sects led others lớn distrust both scriptural politics and the appeal lớn individual conscience as forces of social instability.

The intensity of involvement was a matter for the consciences of individual professionals.

As an official voice of public health conscience empowered lớn take such measures as he deems necessary, he is well positioned lớn take action.

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