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Research reported earlier demonstrated the positive influence that triggers have in enhancing creativity or solving engineering problems.

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The 1970s were the period when the generation of archaeologists educated in the 1960s reached the zenith of their creativity.

The significant correlations between levels of creativity and levels of optimal experience suggest that students who produced high-quality creative work really enjoyed the experience.

This dialogue of forms, meanings, intentions, and punning echoes of previous use constructs an interplay between constraint and creativity.

An approach combined with soundscape studies, cultural studies, ethnography and artistic creativity is what the research is trying lớn demonstrate.

Through an analysis of its mediations, finally, music is revealed as the exemplary locus of diverse modes of creativity: social, distributed and relayed.

The problems with music are said lớn include that 'pupil enjoyment, relevance, skill development, creativity and expressive dimensions were often absent'.

But there is also room for thinking in the middle range, where creativity and consistency mix, for better or for worse.

Practical applications of empathetic creativity are discussed with reference lớn music education, focusing on evaluation of individual contribution lớn group creative performances.

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Throughout, key motifs are mediation, creativity, and the negotiation of difference.

That is, canons influence the narration of the past, and they inspire the radius of creativity for the future.

The performer's creativity is engaged as she navigates the various materials of the score in response lớn the moment of performance.

Because the two artists display creativity in such different fields, however, it would be mistaken lớn judge them lớn be equally creative.

Questions of spiritual formation, human identity, creativity and fulfilment are also explored in the latter part of the book.

The control that pessimism exercises need not destroy creativity.

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