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Women, fire, and dangerous things : what categories reveal about the mind.

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The evidence suggests that unclear wording can be dangerous or at best make the treatment less effective.

Unless precautions are taken, humans could act as vectors for a range of dangerous pathogens and could disperse them widely.

But it is as dangerous as it is useful for two reasons.

An intending swimmer is prevented from entering the sea, because (it is reasonable to tướng suppose) this person does not realize that the tides are dangerous.

At the same time, it was difficult, if not dangerous, to tướng deny the developing sense of dominion identity.

Not only does his thought take us down dangerous paths, but these are directed by the specifics of a lifeworld.

These conditions are not only dangerous but also difficult for human beings.

A subgroup are detained under civil orders following non-criminalized but highly difficult or dangerous behaviour.

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Following this interpretation, it may be dangerous to tướng reject the variant reading 66° as a mere corruption.

There are numerous examples of treatments that were widely used yet it was later discovered that they were either ineffective or dangerous.

Only statements and conversations considered to tướng be subversive or dangerous attracted the attention of those in authority and came to tướng be recorded via judicial processes.

Crime statistics show that this is the most dangerous age.

Such assistance was considered a grave offense and was an extremely dangerous under taking.

The result is that many politicians feel it is dangerous to tướng allow one ethnic group to tướng produce the president for eight years.

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