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Mixed states are probably common, particularly in elderly patients in whom age-related and other disease-specific degenerative pathologies further cloud the pathological and clinical picture.

Her interest was in degenerative diseases of the nervous system, but her neuroscience background made our project interesting lớn her.

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The period of major photoreceptor loss coincided with ages during which about 10% of photoreceptors appeared lớn show degenerative changes (4 -8 years of age).

Therefore, the bulk of this evidence is also against a degenerative process.

The degenerative events in the muscle cells of infected varans were quite similar lớn those observed in caimans.

Degenerative changes in the mitochondria of flight muscle from aging blowflies.

Note the predisposition for melanopsin cells in dorsal retina regardless of degenerative state.

Examples of nociceptive pain include cancer pain from bone or tissue invasion, or non-cancer pain secondary lớn degenerative bone and joint disease or osteoarthritis.

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The greatest excess over 'expected' mortality was for the group diagnosed as 'coronary thrombosis and other arteriosclerotic and degenerative heart diseases'.

Degenerative changes occur with age in the visual, vestibular, motor, sensory and cerebellar systems.

These changes are suggestive of a degenerative process.

Yet by the 1890s the pathology of industrial society presented a range of degenerative influences which concerned biologically minded social reformers.

Of the arthritic diseases, osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, gout, and ankylosing spondylitis are all well-established in antiquity.

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This suggests that the process of photostasis is not reflected in a degenerative process, but in a reversible regulation, probably of rhodopsin.

Officials in the capital thành phố and the federal government proposed a hygienic program lớn minimize the degenerative effects of immigration.

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