delegation là gì

Ecuador was the only eligible country not lớn send a delegation because of internal problems.

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The delegation also will discuss about cross-strait business, sports, education and truyền thông media.

Delegations of experts of the national standards institutions of 25 countries developed the standard, with another 10 countries as observers.

A delegation may also include a handful of guests and scientific observers.

This right can be limited by formal law; delegation is possible.

A majority of these (35 districts) are single-member districts, while a lesser number (23 districts) are multi-member districts that elect from two lớn seven delegates.

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Interface implementations can be delegated lớn fields or properties of classes.

The majority of the elected delegates were known as relatively even-tempered.

It was attended by 898 delegates with a casting vote and 771 with a consultative vote.

Each one sends a permanent delegate lớn the general assembly.

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