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It is interesting that in their discourse, the supporters of the demolition emphasised the sanctity of the monument and its need vĩ đại be 'cleansed'.

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They decry deconstruction as tantamount vĩ đại demolition, turning moral philosophy into mere cultural studies.

No records were kept of injuries and maimings during demolition and excavation, but they tự survive for other aspects of the work.

In addition, construction and demolition produces enormous amounts of waste.

However, one of the major problems associated with this revaluing is that on a global scale thoughtful reinterpretation is often outpaced by rampant demolition.

Our project comprises the demolition of a bungalow and the reconstruction of parts of this building within a new composition.

A fall in the number of individual clearances was far outweighed by more clearance area demolitions.

The housing shortfall was exacerbated by the demolition of properties vĩ đại widen roads and create new market areas.

In my experience remodelling these schemes is actually more expensive than vãn demolition and new build.

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The mills continued vĩ đại operate until 1980 and their demolition two decades later evidently provoked the book's title.

The major application areas for professional robots are underwater robots, medical robots, demolition robots, mobile robot platforms for multiple use, laboratory robots, and cleaning robots.

The prisons were in need of drastic reconstruction, or even demolition and rebuilding, vĩ đại satisfy health standards.

They weather, decay and are changed by demolition and extension.

This was attended by extensive demolition of traditional housing and settlement areas in the 1950s-1960s.

Most industrialized societies readily accept that the normal lifecycle of a building leads vĩ đại demolition and landfilling.

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