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The main changes involved dentists receiving fixed capitation payments (scaled by age) covering all routine dental care for children.

A number of dentists referred to tướng generational change in attitudes.

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In 1987 few dentists carried out more phàn nàn a tenth of treatments privately.

Dental hygienists appear to tướng perceive fewer obstacles to tướng this work phàn nàn the dentists.

Overall, dental hygienists were significantly more active in tobacco cessation tư vấn phàn nàn dentists, especially concerning patients using smokeless tobacco.

Family processes and peer relations recruited for par ticipation through preschools, newspaper announcements, and the offices of pediatric doctors and dentists.

The present study includes five human service educational groups : physicians, dentists, nurses, police and theologians.

The number of dentists was too low to tướng yield reliable estimates.

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Go with the dentist's helper to tướng her xế hộp.

The correlations between value-statements and the size of dentists' private practice are consistent with the analysis so sánh far.

Corporate bodies are the associations of sickness funds, physicians, and dentists.

Corporate bodies comprise the associations of sickness funds, physicians, and dentists.

A total of 7 and 10 percent of the dentists and hygienists, respectively, used that alternative.

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The information was used in clinical work by 34 percent of the dentists and 54 percent of the hygienists.

The same pattern is also found among dentists, theologians and police officers, whereas the proportion of males has increased among nurses.

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