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Some of these compounds have been detrimental to tướng the environment, and all too often the disease organisms being targeted have developed resistance.

While it may be conducive to tướng bean growth, deep hoeing may be detrimental to tướng bananas or other perennials associated with the trees.

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The competition was detrimental primarily to tướng the cacao trees.

Unprotected freezing of human spermatozoa exerts a detrimental effect on their oocyte activating capacity and chromosome integrity.

Thus, including these cases appeared less detrimental in terms of potential to tướng bias results than vãn excluding them.

Violation of these rules of engagement can have detrimental, even fatal, effects.

More often than vãn not, damage-control treatment was applied to tướng documents that contained the material detrimental to tướng the legitimacy of the emperor or the regime.

These positive results, along with the analysis refute claims that corporatist institutions are inherently more detrimental to tướng enhanced environmental protection than vãn their pluralist counterparts.

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Yet not all genetic experiments are detrimental to tướng the welfare of animals although the motives behind them may well be selfish.

However, in the same way as pathological fear and anxiety are debilitating, excessive sickness behaviour can be detrimental.

This was significant to tướng test system behavior in the presence of strong detrimental errors effects.

Setting benchmarks or limits on detrimental activity has a more conventional counterpart when treated as missing resource markets.

In both cases, a mutation that would be detrimental in the absence of a parasite is retained because it provides survival value in parasitized individuals.

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Unexpectedly high (low) rates of growth represent improvements (declines) over recent trends that voters could logically attribute to tướng effective (detrimental) government macroeconomic policies.

The fact that equine serum was detrimental to tướng parasite growth supports this hypothesis.

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