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If one reads more closely and widely in the missionaries' diaries, reports, letters, notes, and books, one discovers a more complex and provocative reality.

Much of this work has not arisen from the more formalized attempts at reflexivity such as the đoạn phim recording and the electronic site diaries.

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However, teachers' diaries and interviews indicated that disruptive children, singled out as problematic by school staff, often did well with the method.

I would say just carry on writing, diaries, letters, short stories, films - whatever.

Of the diary utterances, one had been said before and 9 were novel.

The total number of child utterances on tape and in the diary on the last day was 537.

The examiner asked the caregiver about this and both agreed to lớn add this item to lớn the maternal diary.

We used a high-density database consisting of 5 hours of recordings per week together with a maternal diary for the previous 6 weeks.

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In contrast, the diary is near-silent about certain personal matters.

In the case of online diaries, publicizing the intimate meets two purposes, a social one and another, individual one.

No evidence of the work's reception exists : in neither his extant letters nor his diary does he mention the book.

In some cases, however, authorship is clear from evidence in diaries, letters, or annotations made on the newspaper.

Only a scattered array of letters and diaries written by these women exist.

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A further problem here might be that no quantitative analyses were performed, the data mainly consisting of type utterances from the diary.

Of these, 774 were included in the case-control study and for 646 a medical diary was completed.

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