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Bạn đem list của những dịch fake đem ghi nhận về [tên ngữ điệu ] không?

Do you have a list of the certified translators in [language]?

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Chúng tôi còn có nhu cầu các trang khí giới và dịch vụ sau:

We also need the following equipment and services:

Có thời hạn kiểm dịch động vật hoang dã cho tới [động vật] không?

Is there a quarantine period for [animal]?

Tôi không thích dịch vụ dọn chống tức thì lúc này.

I don't want the room to tướng be cleaned right now.

Dịch vụ của Cửa Hàng chúng tôi có mức giá...

For my services I kindly request the following payment…

Giám đốc/Trưởng chống Dịch vụ khách hàng hàng

dịch sang trọng mặt mày để sở hữu khu vực cho tới ai

Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

Layers of circular and longitudinal smooth muscle enable the chyme (partly digested food and water) to tướng be pushed along the ileum by waves of muscle contractions called peristalsis.

This layer comes in direct tương tác with digested food (chyme).

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After an hour or two, a thick semi-liquid called chyme is produced.

Peristalsis is often found in the contraction of smooth muscle tissue to tướng propel food/chyme through a digestive tract, such as the human gastrointestinal tract.

Its primary purpose is to tướng mix the chyme in the intestine rather kêu ca to tướng move it forward in the intestine.

From 1941 disease and hunger also began to tướng reduce the population.

This practice reduces inoculum of the fungus, thus limiting disease.

Nevertheless, necrotizing granulomas are a hallmark of this disease.

Zooplankton can also act as a disease reservoir.

The facilities of the two resorts offer treatment of rheumatism and neurological and gynecological diseases.

He died six days after the incident, aged 46, only two months after leaving military service.

About half of the individuals who are obliged to tướng perform military service refuse and more kêu ca 1,800 physically desert the army annually.

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The question is whether their military service earned them a second chance.

One reason, perhaps somewhat controversial, is the mandatory military service for both men and women before they attend college.

In their tallies of children borne and notes about separations through sale and military service, such certificates tell small histories of families' lives under slavery.