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It can also be translated as eroticism and heroism.

It was derived from the acronym for manhiga, hilchatit, ruchanit and toranit, loosely translating to lớn mean a leader in religious law and spiritual matters.

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This translated into less listener fatigue and longer audience participation.

These results placed them third in the second stage table, and this translated into 8th place in the overall table.

It generally translated to lớn more legroom, tables and/or three-abreast instead of four-abreast seating for first-class passengers.

It provides the terminologists and translators of the 24 language units with tools, resources, tư vấn and training to lớn facilitate their daily translation tasks.

Code-switching is distinct from other language tương tác phenomena, such as borrowing, pidgins and creoles, loan translation (calques), and language transfer (language interference).

The người yêu thích translation practice grew with the rise of video clip game console emulation in the late 1990s.

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The first beginnings of historical science are confined to lớn translations with additions.

Hot topics in aging research: protein translation 2009.

Parts of the gallery nội dung are translated into Vietnamese, and a print guide with Vietnamese translation of all nội dung will be available.

From today, Hindi, Russian and Vietnamese translations will benefit from neural network processing.

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The captions are in French but English and Vietnamese translations are provided.

The name "X Li" is the Vietnamese translation for "arra", a term used for relics of Buddhists.

The government requested substantial cuts in the official Vietnamese translation of Duiker's book, which was refused.