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Emulation of foreign models was always tempered by patriotic priorities and the dictates of local circumstances, necessarily resulting in intellectual hybridity.

What is certain is that in cases where judiciary is true vĩ đại the dictates of its law, the extra-judicial sphere gets activated.

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They bởi sánh by imposing rules dictating the individual steps in the interaction and the information revealed by the agents during the interaction.

The paper noted that educational reforms in the country are dictated down from the authorities with little input from the public at large.

The relevance of public opinion thus dictates a need vĩ đại understand its underpinnings.

We organize the empirical analysis around four categories of variables and use representative variables for each category as dictated by theory and data availability.

The shape of the discussion is then dictated pragmatically.

The portfolio of chemokines produced dictates which cell types are recruited locally, culminating in either resistance or susceptibility vĩ đại infection.

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The sur face current mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa is dictated by the boundary conditions on the sur face of the plume slab.

Thus, (43c) and (43d) are instances of the same process, with the collapse able vĩ đại proceed further in (43c), as dictated by recoverability.

Inasmuch as fairness dictates that our laws not exceed our abilities, it precludes the direct legislation of virtuous motivations.

The norms of security dictated that these visits be conducted by more phàn nàn one person.

However, the need for these rule types are primarily dictated by the restrictions that we have placed on the pointwise rule.

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The sample was broken down into five age categories which were dictated by available data for the population at large.

In general, their geographical location dictated the type of service offered.

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