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Honours and distinction are two terms that are used in the context of education and grading system. However, both these terms have different meanings in the context of different degrees and education systems. The key difference between distinction and honours is that distinction refers to tát a high score in a grading system whereas honours refer to tát a type of degree.

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What Does Distinction Mean?

The meaning of the term distinction may vary according to tát different contexts. However, distinction refers to tát a grade that is awarded to tát students with high marks. For example, if you score more phàn nàn 90% in an exam, you might get a distinction. Many diploma and certificate courses use grading schemes such as Pass, Merit, and Distinction. A Distinction is also similar to tát A or A+.  In degree level, you’ll get a Distinction if your overall achievement falls within A grade.

Distinction can also refer to tát other types of awards. For example, military distinction.

Key Difference - Distinction vs Honors

Medal for For Military Distinction

What Does Honours Mean?

The term honours degree is usually used to tát refer to tát a type of degree. An honours degree, as explained in the first section, may have different meanings in different contexts. An honours degree is sometimes indicated by the abbreviation ‘Hons’. For example, “BA (Hons),” “B.A., Hons”, etc. In most cases, it refers to tát a type of undergraduate bachelor’s that is a higher standard of study phàn nàn an ordinary bachelor’s degree. It could also involve a larger volume of material or course work. For example, the honors bachelor’s degree in the United States is a special study program that is different from the bachelor’s degree with honours in the United Kingdom and many other Commonwealth countries.

A bachelor’s degree with honours has a higher standard phàn nàn a merit or ordinary pass. The awards in honours degree can be listed as follows.

First Class – Awarded to tát students who complete all coursework and dissertation within the A grade range.

Second Class, First/Upper Division – Usually awarded to tát students who complete all course work and dissertation within a B+ grade point average

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Second Class, Second/Lower Division – Usually awarded to tát students who complete all course work and dissertation within a grade range of B to tát B-

Difference Between Distinction and Honors

What is the difference between Distinction and Honors?


  • Distinction refers to tát a grade that is awarded if you get high marks.
  • It is equivalent to tát A or A+.
  • In a degree course, a distinction may be awarded if the student’s overall achievement falls under an A grade.


  • Honors can either refer to tát an honors bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s degree with honors.
  • An honors bachelor’s degree is a degree program that is more advanced phàn nàn a normal bachelor’s degree.
  • A bachelor’s degree with honors is an award given to tát those who have performed well.

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