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It had collected in its second week and in its third week to tát make a total of domestically.

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The article caused a sensation domestically, and reinvigorated calls to tát reform the forced labor system.

Domestically, she made trăng tròn appearances scoring two goals.

He sat on a number of councils and committees, domestically and abroad.

Not only was she recognized domestically, but was also recognized internationally as well.

In the domestic league, the season started difficultly; of the first four trang chủ matches, only two were won.

They taught reading and writing as well as needlework, embroidery, drawing and other domestic arts.

The latter category included domestic rock artists, electronic music, sung poetry and many other genres looked down upon by the authorities.

Sometimes women who are primary wage earners are still relegated to tát most of the domestic work.

Many styles of cherry pitter exist, including small tools held in the hand, domestic crank-operated machines with a hopper, and industrial machines.

The fears among the upper classes for this uncontrolled force were eased by domesticating the police in stories explicitly devoted to tát them.

Over time perennials and small trees began to tát be domesticated including apples and olives.

Small, catlike wild animals, generally considered impossible to tát domesticate.

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The noun is 1539; domesticate is from 1639.

Opposing views state that the intended gendered product and selling chiến dịch further domesticates women, and keeps their predominant focus on homemaking.

He further said women are victims of domestic violence; they are not safe even at the offices and on roads.

There were incidents where we actually lose these women to tát domestic violence.

Physical domestic violence is common in working class families and psychological domestic violence is common in middle class families.

What resources are available for victims of domestic violence?

On a single day last summer, 155 women with 103 children were turned away from the first domestic violence refuge they approached.

Domestic security in any country is clear -- it comes from a serious initiative for reform...

He is connected to tát the jailed former domestic security chief and one of the most senior incumbent military officials to tát be targeted for graft.

Admitting domestic security failure is an admission of bad governance.

The rise of domestic security threats can cause real turmoil for the local industries.

But then, would we still praise our foreign policy if it comes at the price domestic security, as increasingly seems to tát be the case?

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