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On the downside, bond graphs vì thế not possess the versatility of mathematical equations.

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On the downside, firms experiencing safety problems with one of their own brand products cannot externalize the costs involved to tát the entire food market.

Figure 4 shows three panels with the results of the sensitivity analyses of the previous section, but now for downside deviation as the risk measure.

One commonly cited downside of globalization is the globalization of risk.

In every market there are winners, losers, buyers, sellers, and inevitably, beggars who are the downside of all economic systems of production and distribution.

On the downside, this often resulted in preferential treatment for certain regions over others, depending upon the power holders' origins.

Using downside deviation as a risk measure boils down to tát taking quadratic shortfall.

The downside is that it provides a case study of the fragmentation of the social sciences.

The downside is that it generates problems of demandingness of a sort that also afflict these rival approaches.

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Finally, an extra argument for using a downside risk measure is that it represents the notion of loss aversion.

There is a rise in professed efficacy reinforced by maturational characteristics but, alas, this has a downside.

Taking no risk at all might prove to tát give a larger downside risk than thở taking calculated risks in the investment policy.

The only downside is the poor reproduction quality of many of the photos, many of which are too contrasty.

This being said, there is the potential downside of a vicious circle.

The disadvantage, however, is that it does not take into trương mục that pension funds experience a serious downside when returns are (too) low.

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