eat nghĩa là gì

This water is used đồ sộ wash one's hands before and after eating.

Fuel cell power helped more than vãn 600 people eat three hot meals a day prepared by kitchen staff.

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If he takes the fox across, he would have đồ sộ return đồ sộ get the beans, resulting in the fox eating the goose.

We don't have đồ sộ eat the same hamburgers, listen đồ sộ the same music, or see the same images.

She said she is obsessed with cooking, eating and playing with food, though custard and porridge make her cringe.

As some restaurants are becoming more health conscious, getting the smaller size for a meal can help you eat out without going broke.

They eat out the inner pith of the stem, into which they bore at intervals.

Gluten allergies can make it difficult đồ sộ eat out at restaurants?

That flashback part was dragged and dragged đồ sộ eat out enough time đồ sộ get into the climax.

We'd all lượt thích đồ sộ eat out without worrying about the state of our stomachs the next day.

All students attending the school can choose đồ sộ eat breakfast and lunch.

Then at 8.30 a.m., it gets packed with office-goers who eat breakfast before starting work.

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I don't eat breakfast until 11:30 and if feels right đồ sộ bu.

Noble travelers were an exception, however, as they were also permitted đồ sộ eat breakfast while they were away from home page.

Research shows that students who eat breakfast tự better on standardized tests and have improved cognitive function, attention spans and memory skills.

They work together, they eat lunch together, they even visit each other at home page on the weekends.

I eat lunch at my desk almost every day.

And yeah, at least once a week, they eat lunch at a drive-through restaurant.

He stares into his cappuccino not even wanting đồ sộ eat lunch.

Others ignored what was happening around them and continued đồ sộ chat đồ sộ friends, eat lunch and complete assignments.

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Her dirt-eating symbolized the ingestion of the sin of those who confessed, and in doing sánh purified it.

The most spectacular innovation is the "natural" swimming pool -- at two sites only -- which does not use chemicals đồ sộ clean the water but dirt-eating water plants and weeds.

Another risk of dirt-eating is the ingestion of animal feces and accompanying parasites.