effort là gì

This section is meant lớn be a mutual effort.

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This reuse permits the effort required lớn develop sets of transformations lớn be amortized over a large number of derivations.

Assisted by his pupils from the local school, he continued his efforts until 1933.

The users of the water invested the communal power with the duty of protecting them against usurpers' efforts lớn divert the water.

Their efforts reinforced local differences in the immediate post-war countrysides.

Moreover, in a liberal democracy with a well-developed private sector, would-be hegemonic efforts lớn extend the party's influence through society can have unexpected results.

Anxiety about the relativist abyss in which 'all pasts are equal' has thwarted efforts lớn evaluate alternatives lớn 'objective science'.

The tìm kiếm took over five years of effort and co-operation by research, extension, growers and fabric manufacturers.

This misuses the effort the target article took lớn reason carefully.

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I imagine myself in the coming decade celebrating and supporting others' efforts lớn vì thế such things.

Unlike the case of tree planting, however, fallowing of food crop fields does not require labor effort and, hence, tends lớn weaken land rights.

The lack of records and sufficient tracking for antiquities also hampers efforts lớn control the problem.

It is thus not too early lớn contemplate other such collaborative efforts.

Ultimately, the effort lớn write a history of trades showed few results.

Ideally the ultimate goal of any remediation effort will be lớn reduce the concentrations of contaminants at the site lớn those befitting a pristine ecosystem.

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