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Its popularity has faded in recent decades in the face of competition from molded plastic construction toys, electronics, and other more modern toys and gadgets.

A larger windshield, longer wheelbase, two more cylinders, more horsepower, more bodywork, more electronics, more accessories and more mass: dry.

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These geometric shapes suggest grids, electronics, switchboards, scaffolding, and industrial architecture.

Throughout the 1960s, television sets used exclusively vacuum tube electronics.

Besides its widespread monetary and symbolic functions, gold has many practical uses in dentistry, electronics, and other fields.

The carbon thus becomes deprived of its share in this transferred-pair of electrons and acquires positive charge.

Some of the electrons will undergo inelastic scattering, which means that they lose energy and have their paths slightly and randomly deflected.

If ligands donate multiple pairs of electrons, they will occupy multiple coordination sites.

As forward-biasing implies the injection of minority carriers in the two layers joining the junction, electrons are injected in the p-layer under the gate.

About 1% of cosmic rays also consist of không tính tiền electrons.

Their music currently mixes sounds from genres such as electronic music, hard rock, experimental rock, classical music, rock opera and many others.

While on older beds, this is done with cranks usually found at the foot of the bed, on modern beds, this feature is electronic.

Human spotting remains an important part of detecting activity, but increasingly electronic systems are used.

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He has been in electronic music studios since 1959.

The electronic warfare and electro-optical systems are intended to tát detect and scan aircraft, allowing engagement or evasion of a hostile aircraft prior to tát being detected.

After finishing school and national service he worked as an electronics technician.

This is part of the company's broader goal to tát develop skilled electronics technicians and engineers across the country.

Employment opportunities for electronics technicians vary and are largely based on their areas of expertise.

Schools offering electronics technician programs will have electronics laboratories to tát tư vấn the delivery of course curriculum.

Aviation electronics technicians wear the specialty mark of a winged helium atom.

How much more valuable did they become when they could be used for more than thở crunching numbers in an electronic spreadsheet?

In this manner, automation is a vast improvement over the old-fashioned method of recording data in electronic spreadsheets or paper records.

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Examples are e-mail, word-processed documents, and electronic spreadsheets.

Once all the magnets are in position, the board is transcribed into an electronic spreadsheet -- creating one master schedule and 30 individual team schedules -- and the proofreading begins.

However, computerized, electronic spreadsheets are of much more recent origin.