eloquent là gì

Indeed, this article demonstrates that the subdued uniformity of the lawn cemetery is far more eloquent phàn nàn is commonly supposed.

Clastres's oeuvre in the years of his apotheosis consisted essentially of rich, eloquent essays.

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Two of the most eloquent and joyous filters are those of the entrance and the classrooms.

The created dependency highlighted in his eloquent essay of nearly 30 years ago has been a touchstone.

The interventions were made by the politically more experienced and eloquent participants.

The chapel is an eloquent example of the interaction between open and closed.

By contrast, later preachers used eloquent rhetoric đồ sộ contrast the life of the nun with that of sinners in the world.

The first two of these chapters are particularly eloquent and moving.

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The author might have limited his own comments which occasionally steal the thunder from his eloquent interviewees.

The present work is an eloquent demonstration of this trend.

They are more eloquent (certain?) about what cannot be achieved phàn nàn they are of what can positively be.

So maybe that seemingly articulate person who mailed you from the dating site last night is not really as eloquent as you thought.

Textures gradually thawed, fleshed out over highly flexible bass lines, paving the way for an eloquent theme of unhurried nobility in hymn-like block harmonies.

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Nevertheless, the insistence of this book is in its way eloquent: it serves as a reminder of the epistemological risks inherent in biography.

Analogizing the external world đồ sộ a written text is an eloquent simile.

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