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Beautiful, proud and haughty, she is inclined to tát melodramatics and emotional self-indulgence.

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They only have two emotional states: boredom and rage.

To heal emotional trauma, music of a similar mood is selected. 2.

Since empathy involves understanding the emotional states of other people, the way it is characterized is derivative of the way emotions themselves are characterized.

He added a few emotional ballads which contained strong lyrics, but had left out the songs he thought were too depressing.

Ghosts are thus bodiless oversouls; poltergeists, bodiless undersouls; vampires bodies without undersouls (thirsting for emotions); and zombies, bodies without oversouls.

Using collections of essays, each issue brings to tát light new ideas, emotions, and descriptions of life inside minimum-to-maximum security institutions.

Audience members may experience the work of ethnography through reading/hearing/feeling (inward) and then have a reaction to tát it (outward), maybe by emotion.

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Breeds said she had to tát let it affect her own emotions in order to tát affect the viewing public.

Many of the detainees turned to tát poetry as expressionthey spilled their emotions onto the very walls that contained them.

It is during this time that he learned the importance of emotive shape, color association, hand-feel textures and consumer product testing.

Early critics praised the song's emotive qualities and dark undertones.

All is very melodic and emotive, with multi-layered instrumental textures/voicings and solid, coherent arrangements.

It is one of his more suggestive and emotive works.

Is it as evocative and emotive as their earlier albums?

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