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In this section we model the different options available to tướng the plants and the policies that will induce them to tướng adopt the energy-efficient technology.

It may be assumed that an energy-efficient realization was not their goal.

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So, they replaced the single compression spring with four extension springs and observed more energy-efficient movements.

284 will allow us to tướng apply this energy-efficient concept in realworld applications.

Researchers have investigated more energy-efficient foodproduction systems, such as those that include legumes in rotation, and those that require less tillage2.

Within the rigid framework, both in terms of geometry and function, the design team phối itself the challenge of designing energy-efficient buildings with a high-quality thermal and visual internal environment.

Typically, alternative products were not only energy-efficient but also labour-intensive ; as a result, industrial crops lượt thích saffron, teasels, woad, and flax engaged whole villages of underemployed men, women, and children.

So we should perhaps talk about finding other ways of promoting energy-efficient equipment and gradually removing the big energy wasters from the market.

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Condensing boilers, new windows and loft and wall-cavity insulation can make them energy-efficient.

It is normally those in lower income groups who are slowest to tướng obtain energy-efficient boilers and insulation materials.

It is envisaged that such boilers will typically be installed in people's homes and, in a more energy-efficient manner, meet both heating and electricity requirements.

Any added cost resulting from the purchase of energy-efficient xế hộp tyres will, according to tướng calculations, be recovered within eight months.

How are you going to tướng encourage consumers to tướng make capital investments, to tướng change or purchase more energy-efficient building materials, cars or appliances?

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A massive increase in profits has been generated for the companies involved, simply by introducing energy-efficient measures.

Therefore, by applying an energy efficiency formula, only the most energy-efficient municipal waste incinerators will be classified as recycling plants.

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