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It is generally a common species and faces no major threats.

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In between, a gabled pavilion is centered on the front faced perpendicular to tướng the main roofline.

It directly faces the front door of the church.

The temple, which faces north, has four gopurams.

She's depicted as gentle and weak; however, she can be frightening and intimidating to tướng face during a fight.

When you express your personal opinion in an online diễn đàn, you must be as courteous as if you were speaking with someone face-to-face.

The intervention was face-to-face teaching and coaching by medical opinion leaders, focusing on the benefits of prompt treatment and dangers of delays.

And he has withstood the emotional torment of coming face-to-face with a disease that has left millions of victims in its wake.

When was the last time you met face-to-face with key customers?

We are used to tướng seeing people face-to-face and providing them care.

That mix off speculation the president might be poised to tướng make an about-face and tư vấn a path to tướng citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

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It was a tragic about-face for our president.

Prior to tướng the about-face, government bonds rallied hard on expectations of further easing from the ngân hàng.

Her explanation for this about-face is... um, ambitious.

In his keynote speech he surprised delegates with a complete about-face.

Suspected criminals or criminals for that matter, are double-faced and signs are already there pointing to tướng a very dishonest situation indeed.

To replace the double-faced cards in decks, checklist cards were in boosters, which had the normal back.

What an extraordinary, double-faced performance from the prime minister.

Double-faced fabrics are a size of double cloth made of one warp and two sets of wefts, or (less often) two warps and one weft.

The two 25.5-inch diameter, double-faced pistons travel 32 inches on each stroke, powered in each direction.

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