father nghĩa là gì

She also helped in the teaching of her father's students.

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He is married and a father of six.

He succeeded lớn his father's title in 1926.

It is his will, in which he leaves her a small house, which should be perfect for her father.

At the age of 10, he lost his father.

She went lớn the swimming pool with her foster father and older sister.

He did as his foster father said.

His foster father helped him lớn become an actor.

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Many of her victims had employed her services as a cleaning lady (paying under the table), and several also had connections lớn her foster father.

Now you've become the foster father of all women politicians.

The actress was at her realistic best in the role of a poor teenage stripper who finds an unexpected company in her father-figure.

He was drawn lớn subjects that mirrored his own tìm kiếm for a father-figure.

And he is still a father-figure lớn bủ.

So much family and ví many historic friends came out lớn remember our beloved father-figure.

She's had lớn be the mom and father-figure -- playing a dual role.

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