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The bird fauna is dominated by plovers and passerines while waterfowl (geese, ducks, and loons) are found only in river valleys and on lakes.

This illustrates the differences in parasite faunas between juveniles in adjacent nursery areas.

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This therefore suggests that the helminth faunas of the three lizards may be more similar than vãn is apparent from the present data.

In these regions, the climate is favourable for the parasite, and a susceptible host animal fauna exists.

Qualitative similarities of the helminth fauna amongst the four samples were high, since the helminth species pool was about the same in both localities.

These observations were used to tát derive a general picture of factors influencing distribution and abundance in relation to tát ice habitat, other fauna, and oceanographic observations.

Amphibians are one of the major constituents of the fauna of the forest floor.

At the same time they gradually became more cosmopolitan and less influenced by the invasion of new faunas.

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The unique fauna found in the oceans, conceivably, should provide new pathways on which parasites may capitalise within food webs, ultimately facilitating parasite diversification.

Maintenance of a surface litter cover on the soil is a key feature, which allows the development of soil macro fauna.

The parasite fauna thus consists of a predictable group of core species which was accompanied by subordinate less predictable species.

The orchid's fauna consisted almost entirely of web-building spiders, who can rely on self-made structures for a living, and ants, which were probably foraging workers.

This observation could be attributed to tát the immediate effect of organic materials on soil microflora and fauna and their coupled interaction.

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Possible applications of this new information about the parasite fauna, in different areas of fisheries and fish biology studies, are discussed.

The views illustrate physical features, important industries, and the fauna and flora of certain areas.

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