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Trong giờ Anh, có rất nhiều phân kể từ quá khứ và lúc này của một kể từ rất có thể được sử dụng tựa như các tính kể từ. Các ví dụ này rất có thể đã cho thấy những tính kể từ dùng.

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What is clear is that the huge number of cases filed reflects the increasing importance of the court in the country's political life.

The parties filed over 60 affidavits and supporting material of over 1,000 pages.

It had either been misplaced or filed away.

If papers must be filed or aid sought, it is to tướng these locally selected men that residents turn.

Exclusivity is limited to tướng the trăng tròn years from the date a patent application is filed.

Most letters show no evidence of a reply or follow-up - yet this could simply indicate that replies were filed in a different location.

But what the documents and records of judicial precedents tự reveal is that ordinary people filed an extraordinarily large number of lawsuits.

The most commonly used approximations for the minimization problem (2.2) can be filed schematically into two main classes.

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Upon the filed returns refunds were made either by the operator to tướng the government or vice versa.

He prepared the butterflies and moths himself and filed them in his large collection.

Of those, 1,530 where adults who filed income tax returns, 1,009 of them reporting earnings from salaries and wages.

In the post-war period, barrio representatives increasingly filed accusations about illegal sales and usurpations of their lands by outsiders.

As mandatory in filed robotics research, significant experimental demonstrations of the techniques developed are also presented.

Table 4 shows the two inventions generated by genetic programming for which a patent application has been filed.

After a suit was filed, one of two things normally happened.

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