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Within the consolidated analyses of the 1940s and 1950s debates certainly existed, but these tended to tát fine-tune rather kêu ca to tát challenge dominant theories.

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Lower ranking variables may not show such a gradient (bold print, table 3) but instead contributed to tát fine-tune local variability in abundance levels.

However, the knowledge of what is different in quality and in quantity between child and adult is necessary to tát assess and fine-tune language acquisition theories.

Next, individuals are injected into populations with a higher level of resolution that use an axi-symmetric three-dimensional finite element code to tát "fine-tune" the structures.

The following comments invite the authors to tát fine-tune their arguments.

The third section will fine-tune the previous analyses with a focus on nội dung words because of their salient characteristics in children's speech.

Male crickets are mated with females, in order to tát fine-tune their physical condition and boost their vigour.

To fine-tune this test further these cells could be disregarded.

To fine-tune his analysis, he enumerates, throughout the second part's chronological chapters, a number of frames informing the master frame.

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The latter may help to tát fine-tune the pesticide registration regulations and design a resistance management strategy.

As learning progresses, values of and are gradually decreased in order to tát fine-tune the coarse adaptation.

In conclusion, we confess a sense of dissatisfaction that our simulation needs two algorithms to tát work ; one to tát delimit the range of possible forms, the other to tát fine-tune the distribution.

This tighter control becomes even more pronounced when patients begin to tát self-regulate and fine-tune their insulin, exercise, or sugar intake to tát reflect their measured blood glucose.

It remains an open question whether this means an ongoing trend towards greater use of capital letters, or rather that they will fine-tune their practices as the years go by.

Officials in both states claimed that they would ' fine-tune' operations to tát ensure that the mistakes associated with the first incarnation of the vigilante group were not repeated.

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