glandular là gì

The physico-chemistry of affinities and of fermentation, which concerns respiration, chyliation, glandular secretion, reproduction, etc., does not modify the givens of the problem.

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Glandular material and mesenteric blood vessels were stripped from the intestines.

Hypothetically, glandular secretions are involved in tissue degradation (disintegration of the papilla and attached sucker following pairing) and fusion of the adjacent tegument.

The validity and reliability of the fatigue syndrome that follows glandular fever.

Fibroglandular tissue is a mixture composed of fibrous connective tissue (the stroma), and glandular tissue, which includes the epithelial cells that line the ducts.

The role of glandular secretions in this unique fusion process is discussed.

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It consists of small ganglia that lie inbetween the muscular and glandular layers of the wall of the gut.

Around the area of penetration, necrotized tissues and ulceratedadjacent glandular tissues were present.

These lesions in regression were located in the mucous epithelium and the glandular tissue.

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